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1intra.com:       The leading US and Canada Distributor of Intra and quality Herbal Products by Lifestyles.
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    Lifestyles Intra, Herbal Products


    Intra - quality herbal product to improve health lifestyles intra to help you improve vitality


    You have just taken the first step to to realize your dream in the satisfying and lucrative world of Lifestyles health and wellness products.

    We are looking for independent distributors around the World who...

    • Are looking to supplement their income or

    • Would like to build new avenues of wealth and financial independence

    • Want to enhance their quality of life every day through a proven business opportunity and premium health and wellness products.


    Join the Lifestyles Family and take an important step toward turning your dreams into reality. As a Lifestyles Distributor, take comfort in the security of knowing you are part of one of the most respected companies in the industry. As well as our support, you gain proven strategies for helping to make the most of your Lifestyles opportunity.

    People around the world, just like you, are taking advantage of the proven Lifestyles business opportunity to earn income from home, or to work part-time hours. Some are building new avenues of wealth and financial independence, while others are looking to supplement their income.

    What they all have in common are proven Lifestyles strategies that help them capitalize on the growing market for quality health and nutritional products.

    By joining the Lifestyles family, you can be part of one of the most respected businesses in the industry, recognized as a world-leader in building success through health and wealth.

    Click here to join now!

    Your membership includes:

    • World-wide Membership
    • Distributor Kit
    • Company Support
    • Up-line Support
    • Training and Education
    • Discount/Profits and Bonuses

    Membership is only $40. However, if you want to get your business off the ground right away, Lifestyles offers a number of packages to help you start earning money.

    The Premier Pack

    The Premier Pack gives you 1000 points worth of Lifestyles’ products at the regular Lifestyles discount, plus your choice of powerful sales tools at 50% off the retail price. With this option, you’ll have a selection of products and everything you need to grow your business at your fingertips.

    Instant Direct

    Lifestyles’ Instant Direct option lets you choose 2800 points worth of Lifestyles’ products, plus your choice of powerful sales tools at 50% off the retail price. You’ll also become an instant Direct Distributor, which allows you to purchase products at the maximum 40% discount.

    The Lifestyles Compensation Plan

    Lifestyles offers several ways to earn income — whether you treat your business as a part-time venture or a full-time career. Our Success System is simply based on friends helping friends to succeed. The more your network of friends grows the more money you’ll be able to earn.

    1. Retail Income – We help you support your retail Customers, the first key to building a growing, profitable Lifestyles business.
    2. Wholesale Income – We provide you with the programs to work with people who will refer others to you while they are using the product themselves, effectively increasing their discount level because of the people they refer.
    3. Generation Bonus – With access to the right materials and training, you can take advantage of the power of residual income by transferring the skills developed through the first 2 ways of making money with Lifestyles and duplicating your actions.
    4. Fast Track Bonus –At Lifestyles we believe that starting your business off on the right track is the key to your success. The Fast Track Bonus offers our new and existing Distributors an opportunity to earn immediate income by rewarding repeat sponsoring and duplication in their Lifestyles business.
    5. Organizational Bonus – We support you in developing leadership within your growing Lifestyles organization, generating a very lucrative leadership bonus income from your entire organization.

    Training and Support

    As part of the Lifestyles family, you will never be alone. With our comprehensive training, easy-to-understand business model, and helpful support system, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build a solid business and reach your income goals.

    Join now or contact us to find out more about the Lifestyles Home Based Business Opportunity.

    Some frequently asked questions answered here.

    Read also a few stories of the many successful people who became Lifestyles Distributors.
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