Fennel - Ideal Herb not as only an Alternative Medicine

If you think that the herbs are only used as only an alternative source of medicine for herbal magic weight loss program and also surgery herbal breast enlargement, it is not the fact.

There are in fact several herbs in the international arena that are used for cooking and they do make excellent dishes. One such herb is Fennel. It has been found, that Fennel happens to be more a more resourceful herb than most people can even think of it! Even though they are commonly used to compliment fish, Fennel is also found in an assortment of Italian dishes.

Well, how do they get prepared for scrumptious dishes? It has been learned, from several studies, that the seed of this very herb is used to give flavor to Italian sausage, and in addition is known as sweet cumin or large cumin. Reason? They are found to look like each other and the very flavor is closer to the licorice-like anise seed, for which it may be substituted. Well, it should also be mentioned that the herb of Fennel dates back to the very period of ancient Greece, and is considered above all to be a perfect instance of a Mediterranean vegetable, that are liked by people till the contemporary age.

However, in this day and age, most of Fennel that are available on the American markets in great numbers is grown in the domain of California, and there are two types of this very herb. While one is there that is grown for seeds, the other gets used as a mere vegetable. Of them the more common type, Florence or Finocchio, is found to have a bulbous base, stalks like celery, and feathery leaves that resemble the lace of Queen Anne, and can be prepared in a great number of ways.

Fennel has a fresh, fragrant, anise-like flavor that gets enhanced by the effective process of cooking. Besides at the time of being used raw in salads or salsas, it has a refreshing, crisp texture, balancing the presence of other raw vegetables and fish.