Homemade herbal hair dye

The most natural want or need for any human being is the desire to look or be perceived by others as being beautiful. There is no one point in the life of a man or woman when they decry their good looks or wish they were born ugly. If ever that was the case then we would have no need for plastic surgeons or homemade remedies that help us to enhance our looks. Everyone would be content with how they look. But this is not always the case. Men and women alike, spend a fortune on their looks and hair is one aspect that cannot be ignored in the beautification process.

Your hair can make or break you. That said the easiest way then to fabulous and striking hair is to color it. Color adds depth, body and texture to hair. It gives personality and character to an individuals overall look. There are several homemade herbal hair dyes that you can prepare from the comfort of your kitchen table that guarantee amazing results. Here are a few but basic examples

Chamomile tea combined with lemon juice mixed in the right ratio is excellent for creating blonde highlights. If used daily, effective results can be seen in just a couple of weeks. Strong black tea or black coffee is great for anyone desiring the brunette look. For red hair strong tea of rosehips or cloves works well and if you desire an enhanced deep red color beetroot juice mixed with carrot juice works wonders. Strong 'tea' of Sage and a bit of dried Rosemary when massaged into graying hair daily for 2-3 weeks does well to return the hair's natural color. Always ensure that you mix these herbs with pure apple cider vinegar to prevent it the mixtures from going rancid as well as preventing the hair from drying out. For a full head of black hair or darkened hair, natural neutral henna mixed with vegetable juice darkens the hair. A favorite of Cleopatra, henna was an essential hair product used regularly to darken her hair. Remember, all the above herbal hair color herbs provide the best results when applied on a daily basis over a period of a few weeks.

Something else that should work to encourage anyone go the herbal way as concerns dyeing or coloring hair is the natural look achieved at the end of the day. When you use these homemade herbal colors its so natural that even hairdressers can never tell the difference...