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Using Herbs to Induce Labor.

Throughout civilization, women have used herbs for labor induction. These herbs have many varied uses in order to induce labor. Cumin tea has been utilized for centuries in Latin culture. They blend 1 T. cumin seed to a cup of boiling water. Often they add a bit of sugar or honey to it, as it is very bitter.

Midwives have used herbs for labor induction since the beginning of the profession. Blue Cohosh is used either alone or with other herbs. There is some controversy with this, as some believe that it will cause infant distress. On the other hand, it is known to work particularly well for labor induction. Many midwives prefer to use Caulophyllum, which works as well without the possible tragic side effects. Black Cohosh and Cottonroot are much safer herbs for labor induction that in Blue Cohosh and is now becoming widely used and accepted a the better alternative. Evening Primrose Oil seems to be one of the most popular herbs for labor induction. It is used either as a direct oil applied directly to the cervix or in gel cap form set up against the cervix. This is one of the herbs used for labor induction by priming the cervix to open earlier.

Often a massage using Birthroot, Chamomile and rose oils are stimulating herbs for labor induction while remaining gentle to both the mother and the baby. These are applied about every three hours until labor is definitely recognized. O hot bath with rosemary added sometimes is also just what the doctor ordered.

One of the best herbs for labor induction is Motherwort. It is particularly relaxing allowing the labor to commence as the body sees fit. This is used often when the mother is feeling very stressed or is carrying an irrational fear that is contradicting the natural process of labor that her body is attempting to create.

Before starting any of these procedures, be sure to talk to your herbalist, doctor or midwife.


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