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Lifestyles Intra

your gateway to lifestyles intra - the herbal remedy

in phytonutrient supplementation.

nutria® is formulated to help your body defend itself against the toxins and pollutants of modern life. It’s a pioneering breakthrough in supplementation, formulated with key trace elements and phytonutrients that support your immune system and promote overall vitality and health.

  • Daily use of nutria® offers unparalleled cellular protection
  • nutria® is rich in:
    • Supplemental levels of selenium - a mineral that is the subject of groundbreaking health studies around the world
    • Lycopene and sulforaphane – two important phytonutrients under study for their contribution to maintaining
    • healthy body cells
  • Standardized herbal extracts and strict manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality and potency
  • nutria® is distributed in more than 20 countries around the world and backed by a full, 30-day money-back guarantee

100% organically bound selenium ensures maximum absorption by the body

nutria® is produced in Canada in accordance with GMP and HACCP standards for purity, safety and sanitation. To ensure consistent quality and maximum selenium absorption by the body, nutria® uses 100% organically bound SelenoExcell™ high selenium yeast from Cypress Systems Inc.

nutria® ingredients:

Apple | Beet | Broccoli | Cabbage | Carrot | Cherry | Fig | Garlic | Grapefruit | Grape Skin | Green Tea | Lycopene | Onion | Orange Pulp | Pineapple | Prune | Raspberry | Selenium | Spinach | Sulforaphane

Every day, the millions of cells that make up our bodies are exposed to dangerous airborne chemicals, toxic elements in food and water, and the damaging effects of stress. This massive assault can produce high levels of free radicals, the cell-damaging by-products of body pollution. nutria® is specifically formulated with anti-oxidants that help neutralize free radicals and maintain healthy body cells.

Join the millions of people around the world who are already enjoying this exceptional formulation.

Available in a convenient capsule form. Two capsules daily will provide your body with: •SelenoExcell* Selenium, •Lycopene. •Sulforaphane, •Beta Carotene, •Vitamin C, •Vitamin E, •Folic Acid, •Zinc,
•Chromium, •Molybdenium

The most powerful blend of antioxidants available.

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