The Perks of Green Tea

Most people are familiar with green tea. They know that it is the hat drink that is commonly associated with Chinese restaurants. One of the reasons that green tea is so commonly served at Chinese restaurants is because the Chinese have a wonderful understanding of the health benefits of drinking green tea. The Chinese have been drinking the tea for over 5,000 years.

When you look at the all the health perks of green tea its amazing that we arenít drinking it with every meal and in lieu of coffee

Did you know that green tea can actually lower your bad cholesterol? While your bad cholesterol is being lowered your bodyís good cholesterol will rise. The improvement in your good cholesterol will lessen your chances of having a heart attack in the future.

Studies have been done that show there is a chance you can decrease your chances of developing certain types of cancer if you drink green tea. There is something in the tea that fight the cancer before it even begins.

If you are at risk for developing diabetes you may want to start drinking green tea. The tea will work to help balance your blood sugar levels, the more consistent your blood sugar the less danger that you will develop diabetes. Not only will you find that drinking green tea on a daily basis lessens your chance of developing diabetes you will also discover that your body temperature isnít fluctuating from one extreme to the other and that your entire digestive system has improved.

If you are interested in drinking green tea as a means of improving your overall health, you have to be prepared to drink a lot of it. Studies indicate that the best way to benefit from drinking green tea is to drink a minimum of three cups daily.